Wednesday, March 10, 2010 Y 4:58 PM

change of blog..!

Y 2:31 PM

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sorry i have no interest in yuto 8D
and i didn't know inoo kei was my 5th. but definitely yamada's 1st, and keito's 2nd!

had sports day today.
nothing la
no time to blog.. bye

Monday, March 8, 2010 Y 8:05 PM

Hay peeps..
Today damn stressed up.
Especially end of lessons.. Sigh..
Once you're in secondary three, you should cherish English, Chinese, and CDP lessons.
That's practically the only lessons you can slack..
Other lessons are just loading you with chunks of information.
Sometimes im really at my saturation point and I just can't accept any information anymore.
I'm gonna make use of march holidays to revise..
Not mch time left!!

Anyway just received information from Bunka that my Japanese class on 20 March is confirmed!!
Like finally.. And luckily..
I can't wait for lessons to start.
But I guess my Japanese is already deproving much with little practice.
Hope that this teacher can buck us up..
And hopefully be prepared to take N2 this year. (there's a lot to prepare :<)
Well i guess I can mug during December holidays so no problem♥

Yup and I'll be blogging from phone more often next time as I'm too busy with school work.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010 Y 6:48 PM

long time no blog
cos i was lazy n sick
so i went out today~
went to john little to get items..
well total 9items(saw the receipt lol)
got a green tea flavoureed shampoo which says can make my hair grow long faster..
decided to try since got 20% off muahaha
ok got the other shits! haha.
later went to buy watch~
my mom and i each bought 1. baby-g ones
one white and blue~ <3$80+ only.. damn cheap la
and there was another one, $27, not bad too
but ofc, i didn't get the other one cos it was an old collection.

then went to bugis to shop~ blabla
otw to kinokuniya, saw these grp of ahlian
i keep staring.. then the 2 infront gossip say i like buaysong with them.
then the other zhabor kept turning back, i also stared back at them.
ofc, i will stare at ahlian..
nvm. went to kinokuniya at bugis.
cool, they had japanese mags there now.
got winkup, cos there's arashi pinup and yamada/nakayama hard pinup 8D
ook then had dinner and went back.

that's all for today!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010 Y 7:20 PM

okay so i woke up today
blabla get ready to go out
i don't wish to say much..
well.. got my books. also got myojo from liang court's kino
myojo had arashi's pin up so i got it XD
next issue(april) also has it.. gonna get it!
probably nt getting seventeen's next issue. the gift is not very attractive.
but maybe still getting la who cares man

went to thread my eyebrows+upper lip
at first got the indian i don't like == my mom ask them to change person
then, Sylvia threaded for me..
aft that, went off to orchard's kinokuniya. nothing much ==
lots of fans around japanese mag section lol
but at least not blocking my way, so i won't care 8D
walked ard ION, nothing to do.. went to plazasing
blabla go johnlittle+daiso
bought some stationaries from daiso.
oh ya i saw chen yao dong there==
he was like wearing shades. alone~
but anyway no one disturbed him so i also don't care TOO~
ate at mos burger before i went back.. yamyam~

photos? sorry lazy to take 8D but i have photo of myself though!!!

taken in the morning before going out. bo liao luh~

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 Y 6:00 PM

hay guise..
recently really stressed up..
this week, initially had 3 tests. but luckily Ms lin postponed our bio test till next week. thanks..
today huh.. school.
let's talk about bio. as our class have a new teacher to teach us till MYE
it's ms wong. ok seriously there's something wrong but i don't know what..
maybe it's because her tone is quite boring.
hmm when she was talking as ms lin and the others were away, everyone was quiet
she was telling us about her NIE life and so on..
maybe it's interesting but her tone is not. :O

aft school, physics crt.
then went to rp to hav lunch with rebecca and denise..
well got a phone call from jasline. mr ho asked her to change CCA.
and there's no art today.
later otw back home saw art club senior, asked her if art club is closing down..
yeah she said it is going to close down.
like, wtf. oh seriously i think everyone predicted it to happen ever since it got took down of the CCA list.
welllll... NO COMMENTS.

now revising for physics.. oh god i seriously wonder how i would fare in tomorrow's test.
super stressed up and irritated.. confused too.
got to go off now to study.

Saturday, February 20, 2010 Y 7:57 PM

morning-afternoon : work
aft that went to find my mom then went to SMUDGEstore.
hard time finding it, but thanks to GPS on my phone, found it quickly (:
was there, up above the cafe. didn't know how to go up at first. LOL.
my motive was the phone cover(see above)..
yup and the person was nice enough to describe the difference between this and the $150 one. HAHA.
of course, nope, not getting the $150 one. too expensive.
and anyway i'm going to change the phone in another half a year so no point..
got that at $50. the guy even gave me stickers of their store. haha.
we told him there's very little ladies', he said yup, but going to have new collection coming soon.
going to keep a look out on their facebook page!
this store is great!

after that, went to central to eat..
ate at azabu sabo~yay
went back after that.. not much things..
that's for now.. bye!